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"Our job is to help our company partners access the necessary tools for, and find the path to, their own success. This sense of purpose was the genesis of the Outfitter name."

History & Principles

The Outfitter principals were the founding members and managers of TPH Partners, the legacy private equity business of energy investment bank Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.  Outfitter was formed in December 2016, and the team continues to manage the predecessor TPH Partners funds today along with the first Outfitter fund established in September 2022. ​

Outfitter firmly believes the relationship with its management teams is a key driver of value creation and seeks to partner with motivated and skilled people.  The “right team” possesses local knowledge of its target operations area and a mix of experience, judgment and skill sets to prosecute its business plan.  And of course, high moral character and excellent alignment are bedrocks in our decision to create a partnership.

We understand that management teams must choose to partner with us as well.  Outfitter strives to be a value-added partner, not just a checkbook, by leveraging our relationships, industry knowledge, and commercial and financial skills to facilitate a successful outcome for all.  We believe that a collaborative partnership is a powerful determinant in creating value together.


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